Here at Big A Auto Repair, we love helping people get back on the road as soon as possible. We understand that you need your vehicle for work, pick up the children from baseball practice, pick up groceries for dinner and all the other many tasks you must take care of. You have come to the right place, because we are here for you.



Mechanical problems lead to other problems and must be taken care of yesterday. Thats why we provide a thorough inspection of any mechanical issues that could occur. As anything else unseen problems can still occur, but the goal here is to try an eliminate as many of those problems as possible. TIP: If you hear any abnormal noise just suddenly pop up, call us right away for a mechanical check up.



Electrical problems can not only be a serious issue but can be very costly. Electrical problems can burn the wiring and connectors of your vehicle causing costly repairs. TIP: If you smell something burning call us immediately and have it checked before it gets costly, if not already. Staying on top of electrical issues can save hundreds. Call us right away!


Engine Repairs can be one of the mostly expensive repairs made to your vehicle so its very important to
keep the oil changed every 3000 miles. Keep the engine tuned up. Check for unseen codes in the system that can lead to repairs before they get costly. Call us right away for a complete computer analysis check up and mechanical check up that will help you save money in the long run.


Air Conditioning Repairs can be very costly without regular check ups, because if the freon and oil gets
low in the system it will over time damage the heart of the A/C System which is the Compressor.
Compressor's can run anywhere from 200 hundred to even 600 hundred dollars plus labor and freon.
Call us right away for a Complete A/C Check Up. TIP: If your windows are fogging up in the winter its
because your A/C is not working properly. We can help call us!



Brake Repairs are the most serious issues, because without the proper stopping power that is sometimes needed accidents can happen. Keep your brakes checked every oil change. TIP: If you like saving money this tip is for you. If your hear a grinding noise everytime you hit the brakes, if you have it checked right away you can save the rotors which can be extra money out of your pocket. Call us now!