Auto Repair Savings

I look forward to helping you with any problem or service you may need. I understand that every problem is unique and should be addressed in a way to help you understand what the problem is, what it will take to repair it and most of all how much money i'll be able to save you over other repair shops.



Vehicles are more complex these days and need much more attention then years ago. It's very important to keep your engine tune up and running properly. Engines that are running poorly can cause other problems such as burn't valves which can be costly.

Tip: If you hear a grinding noise everytime you hit your brakes get them checked right away because this will save you money. Grinding brakes can damage the rotors that the pads rest against and cost you more to replace them then to have them machined. Be sure to have your brakes checked.


Keeping your vehicle serviced can keep you on the road as well as save you money. Servicing can be A/C Service, Engine Oil Changes, Wheel Bearing Packs, Lubrication and much more.

Tip: Keeping your A/C Serviced can save you a lot of money. When freon and oil in the A/C system becomes low its much like the engine of your vehicle if it gets to low on lubricating oils it can cause serious damage even to the point the engine would need to be replaced. The A/C Compressor is like an engine, without oil and freon it can damage the compressor and its costly to replace. So keep your freon level checked.


Vehicles built these days are not as perfect as they were years ago. The suspension parts do not have the lubrication points they had then, so suspension parts wear much easier then those days because you could lubricate the parts and they lastest longer. Suspension , wheels and tires are safety issues and sould be taken care of immediately.

Tip: If you hear popping, grinding or rattling noise's then have them checked right away for your safety. If a ball joint or tie rod comes apart you will loose control of the vehicle. Call us when you hear the noise.